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Urban Living Herbal Workshop: Diet & Digestion

Sunday 9 August, 12 noon – 5pm

Handling herbs

Join Sarah Gray and Steph Wehowski from Gone Wild Herbs collective for the second in their series of ‘Herbal Remedies for Life in the City’ workshops

‘Diet and Digestion’ will  look at herbal approaches to robust gut health and its impact on our vitality, immunity and emotional balance.

You will explore seasonal herbal allies, bitters and the importance of happy eating, absorbing & eliminating. Find out about a few relevant herbs in depth, share our gut experiences and together make a digestive tonic to take home.

All are welcome, no previous experience required. The charges for each workshop are on a sliding scale, according to means: £30 – £15 per day

All places must be booked in advance – you can book online here 

Photograph by Marta Maireles
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