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Urban Living Herbal Workshop: Skin/Allergies

Sunday 16 August, 12 noon – 5pm


Join Steph Wehowski and Rasheeqa Ahmad from ‘Gone Wild Herbs’ for the third in their series of four ‘Herbal remedies for Life in the City’ workshops.

 ‘Skin/Allergies’ looks at herbal approaches to inflammation, allergies & common skin conditions.

The skin is our largest organ, interfaces with the world, and is intricately connected with our emotional health.

Find out about ways to address skin health both from the inside and out in the wider context of the whole body.

You will explore a few relevant herbs in depth and together make a topical herbal preparation to take home.

All are welcome, no previous experience required. The charges for each workshop are on a sliding scale, according to means: £30 – £15 per day

Places must be booked in advance – you can book online

Photo Marta Maireles
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