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SKFEST – BOYS by the S+K Project

Wednesday 23 August, 7.30 for 8pm.

BOYS promo image

We’ve worked with  S+K Project at Dalston Curve Garden for the last 2 years so we are delighted to see them back here for their third summer, this time as part of an exciting multi-venue line-up for SKFEST.

BOYS is an adaptation of Lord of the Flies, a 1954 novel by Nobel Prize-winning English author William Golding. With an all BAME male cast, the play is a dark examination of what happens when a group of young men are stranded on an island and try to govern themselves. The play explores the themes of politics, morality, gender and identity, viewing Golding’s writing through a contemporary lense for today’s audiences. BOYS is produced by The S+K Project, directed by Steven Kavuma.

Steven Kavuma co-founded The S+K Project with Malakai Sargeant in September 2014 after being frustrated about the lack of representation and inclusivity in the arts industry. Since then, he has gone on to work extensively to change the face of theatre in the UK, and has worked with organisations such as Act for Change, Talawa and Black Theatre Live to lobby theatres to be more representative on and off stage. His passion for this is poured into the project he founded, The Diversity School Initiative, a campaign to work with drama schools to enhance the number of BAME, disabled, working class, LGBTQ+ and gender queer people enrolling in courses. Outside of his activism, Steven also writes and directs plays, studies at the Central School of Speech and Drama and moans about Liverpool FC’s consistently poor performance.

Ticket for BOYS are £8 and £5 for under 25s and can be bought at Billetto  All proceeds go to S+K Project