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BBC ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ at the Curve Garden


Dalston and Hackney gardeners packed the wooden pavilion at the Garden last week for a recording of BBC ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’. Curve Garden volunteers were joined in the audience by gardeners from nearby Rhodes & Wilton Way Estates, other community gardeners, the ‘De Beauvoir Gardeners’, Hackney tree surgeons, bee keepers, allotment holders, window-box and balcony gardeners as well as ‘patchwork farmers’ from ‘Growing Communities’ and herb growers from ‘Hackney Herbal’.

Chaired by Eric Robson, gardening experts James Wong, Pippa Greenwood and Bob Flowerdew shared advice on amongst other things, balcony gardening and the best plants to grow for pizzas from our oven here at the Garden.

Panel members James and Bob spent the day at the Garden meeting volunteers and chatting about balcony gardening with Hackney gardener Lorraine Foster before going out and about in Dalston to hear about tree planting on Queensbridge Rd with ‘Tree Musketeer’ Russell Miller and to visit ‘Mac’ McDonald’s herb garden on Richmond Road.

The Curve Garden programme was broadcast on BBC Radio on, Friday 7 August but can still be listened to on iPlayer.

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