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Vegetables with History

The blue skies from earlier in the week had sadly deserted the Garden today, so instead of working on the herb bed as planned, the Eastern Curve Gardeners spent the afternoon in the pavillion sowing lots and lots of vegetable seeds.

Michael was the top seed sower, planting over 80 ‘pots’ of seeds, assisted by Lola and Miriam. They planted:

Artichoke ‘Violetta de Provence’

Aubergine, ‘Black Beauty’

Courgettes  – Black Beauty ‘Dark Fog’  We will be growing these as climbers

Cucumber, ‘Perfection’

Dwarf Flageolet Bean, ‘Triumph de Farcy’

All of the seeds we planted today are ‘heritage’ or ‘heirloom’ seeds – vegetable varieties that have been passed down over the years because they have qualities valued by successive generations of gardeners. No bland tastes here.

We use cardboard toilet roll tubes for sowing many of our seeds at the Garden. They hold their shape, even when watered and once the seedlings are up, they can be planted straight into the raised beds without disturbing their fragile roots.  Over time the cardboard just disintegrates – plastic free seed raising.

We will be seed sowing again on Saturday 2 April 1-5pm. You don’t need to be an experienced gardener to get involved.  Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring your green fingers.

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