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Smear Garden – Hackney artists’ exhibition

Friday 23 September from 6pm – Sunday 25 September
(during garden opening times, 11am -11pm)

I'll eat you up I love you so

We are interested in the wild versus the cultivated (slugs and caryatids), emotional baggage, interspecies intimacy, inefficiency, and in fantasy, heart break and laughter.”

Smear Garden is an evolving exhibition of four Hackney-based artists – Claire Blundell-Jones, Stephanie Farmer, Natasha LaForce and Hermione Spriggs. They previously exhibited together in the garden of a private house in Homerton and now in this new multidisciplinary exhibition, they are responding to the cultivation of the Curve Garden with works including sculpture, print, video, drawing and text.

Dr Ben Rowson (Senior Curator: Mollusca Department of Natural Sciences National Museum Wales) will be giving a free talk in the Pineapple House at the Garden on the biology and pest control of slugs at 4pm, Sunday 25 September. No booking is required.

Image: ‘I’ll eat you up I love you so’ by Claire Blundell-Jones.


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