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Once upon a time in Dalston…

Saturday 6 October, 12 – 3.30pm

Led by artists from V22, children are invited to take over three venues in Dalston this Saturday afternoon – Dalston Square,  Dalston CLR James Library and the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, for a unique event for the Big Draw – the world’s biggest celebration of drawing.

Inspired by all the lovely children’s books in the Library, children will be able to create their own characters and draw story boards on to the ground of Dalston Square, using chalks and pastels.

They can also join artist Nicola Plant in the Garden to draw, paint and cut out characters and fantastical creatures inspired by the bees, butterflies and wildlife that live in the Eastern Curve.

‘Once upon a Time’ will end with a grand finale in the Library where all the characters and stories that have been created throughout the day come together in a multi-media show, presented by the artists and children.

This event is free and no booking is needed. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

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