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Natura Morta – artist’s pop-up for Chelsea Fringe

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 May 2015


Artist Erola Arcalís presents ‘Natura Morta’ for the first time in a temporary installation at the Garden.

Erola’s work focuses on human’s representation of nature. Taking plants as the main subject of interest, her practice makes use of the photographic still life language. Yet, the very idea of this language is questioned by capturing the subjects while still alive.

She says: “I find in the perennial and fragile conditions of plants the potential to build a new perception of the real. By the manipulation of the subject, I aim to objectify and explore the meaning of the being

Erola stages and puts the plant in an artificial context, reinterpreting its essential atributes. The physical intervention responds at the same time to a will to satisfy and experience a certain ideal image.

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