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Mziki Fest – Music for Africa

Saturday 23 June, 6-11pm

Building the volunteer guest house

4people is a small organisation run by volunteers who have been working on projects with the ‘Bala Mercy Childrens’ Centre’ in Kenya since 2010.

Sustainable development is at the heart of the 4people volunteering project. At the moment, working with local people, they are building the volunteers’ guest house,  using an innovative technique called ‘Super-Adobe’.  This uses easily available materials like soil, propylene bags and barbed wire to build strong and durable houses which are resistant to flooding.

On the evening of Saturday 23 June, 4people are hosting ‘Mizi Fest – Music for Africa’ at the Garden to raise funds for their work in Bala.  There’s a great line up of live music, games and pizza-making using the Garden’s clay oven.  100% of proceeds from the evening will go to the support of the ‘Bala Mercy Childrens Centre’.

Entrance to Mziki Fest is free and open to all.

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