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Last of the summer african tango

Sunday 14 August, 2-6pm

Its the last of this summer’s ‘African Tango picnics’ with Iris de Brito and Sika Tro and their team from Studio Afro Latino Dance School leading more ‘Kizomba’ sessions,

Kizomba is  a partner dance native of the African country of Angola – the word means party in the Kimbundu dialect of that country.  It was first know as ‘Passada’, meaning ‘stepping’, a reference to the movement flow and for having a sensuous rhythm.

The guided practice dance sessions each last for about 20 minutes and will run throughout the afternoon from 3pm onwards.

African Tango picnics are organised by the Kindest Group and funded by the Learning Trust. You can register a place in advance at www.thekindest.org/africantangopicnics or just turn up on Sunday.

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