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Free Spring Half Term activities for children

Here comes spring

Spring Half-term: 13 – 17 February 2012: 2-4pm

Monday 13 February 2-4pm: Fantastic Feasts for Birds
We like to look after the wildlife that visit the Eastern Curve – help Miriam Mahony cook up tasty ‘cupcakes’ full of goodness, for hanging on the Garden trees, so we can make sure the birds don’t go hungry this Spring.

Tuesday 14 February 2-4pm: Fabulous Fabrics
Join textile designers Emamoke Ukeleghe and Yemi Awosile and learn how to design and print funky textiles. The fabrics will be used for dressing up the Eastern Curve scarecrows in Friday’s Scarecrow Catwalk workshop.

Wednesday 15 February 2-4pm: Magpie Mobiles
Like magpies searching for precious objects, join artist Nicola Plant gathering natural treasures from around the Garden, to hang from mobiles. The mobiles, made from twigs and wires, will twist and turn in a breeze to create a moving sculpture, inspired by the artist Alexander Calder.

Thursday 16 February 2-4pm: Giant City Bird Feeders
Join Nicola Plant designing skyscraper feeders, using recycled packaging, for our sociable city birds.

Friday 17 February 2-4pm: Dalston Scarecrow Catwalk
It’s the hottest ticket in town for London Fashion Week! Using a variety of yarns and a few funky stitches, help Emamoke and Yemi sew the printed fabrics  from Tuesday’s workshops onto t-shirts, skirts and trousers, before dressing the scarecrows in their spring/summer designer collection.

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