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Celebrating Edible Gardens

Saturday 3 September

pizza makingCapital Growth is a network of community food-growing spaces throughout London – in schools, estates, businesses and community gardens. Saturday 3 September sees over 40 of these spaces opening to the public or organising special events and activities for ‘Edible Open Gardens Day’.

This year we have been growing beans, courgettes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkin, tomatoes and herbs in the raised beds at the Eastern Curve. We’ve also been enjoying the apples and berries we were able to plant in Spring with funding from Capital Growth. ‘Edible Open Gardens Day’ is an opportunity to hear about the food-growing here and future plans and to find out how to get involved as a gardening volunteer.

The Garden’s clay oven will be lit from 1pm – you can join in making pizzas using some of our fresh basil and oregano or bring something of your own to cook. We will also be serving fresh mint tea and selling some of our chocolate peppermint plants.

Other Hackney ‘edible gardens’ that you can visit that are not normally open to the public include:
Cordwainer Gardens, 182 Mare Street, E8 3RE
The Floating Allotment in Kingsland Basin, N1 5BB
Wenlock Herb Garden, Britannia Walk N1 7PQ

You can see a list of all the participating food-growing spaces and book a place on the cycle tour linking some of the sites at http://capitalgrowth.org/events/opengardens/

Photo: Dan Elliassen

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