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The Garden is open in November!

Throughout the current ‘Lockdown’ period, the Garden will continue to be open to the public at the following times

Monday – Friday, 2-5pm.

We are committed to ensuring that the many Hackney residents who do not have access to their own gardens or safe green public space near to their homes, can continue to enjoy the benefits to their physical and mental health of walking among the trees and plants here in the Garden or sitting outside for a short time. Our toilets will continue to be open during this period.

We will also continue to host our daily morning outdoor sessions for community groups, Monday- Friday, 11am – 2pm.

In line with the latest COVID related government restrictions, the Garden Café will be closed until 2 December, although we will continue to offer a coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks takeaway service.

We ask all visitors to the Garden during this period to help us keep everyone in the Garden safe and ensure that the Garden can remain open for everyone’s benefit during this time by adhering to the following Garden rules and Government guidelines.

Please continue to ‘check in’ to the Garden via the NHS Test and Trace app if you can or by using one of our forms in the entrance area.

Please continue to use the hand sanitisers provided in our entrance area.

Current Government guidelines allow you to meet in the Garden with one other person, outside of your family group.

We ask you not to bring any alcohol into the Garden.

Please help keep the Garden clean and safe by taking all of your rubbish away with you after your visit.

As a social enterprise, Dalston Curve Garden generates all of its income from the proceeds of our Cafe, so this latest Lockdown period means that once again Dalston Curve Garden is in receipt of little or no income. Despite our loss of income, during this period we will continue to employ our team of staff and free-lancers, to care for the Garden and plant thousands of bulbs for next Spring, to open to the public on weekday afternoons for the benefit of physical and mental health, and to keep the Garden open on weekday mornings as a safe space for support groups to meet up, as is allowed by current guidelines. If you would like to help us keep the Garden open during this period and to support the vital community services that we provide, please consider donating to our Crowdfunder at: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/save-dalston-curve-garden