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Open East Radio special for Open House – Sacred Spaces

Saturday 16 September, 2-4pm


Open East Radio is back with another radio discussion show live from the Garden.

This month as part of ‘Open House London’, alongside tunes from regular DJ Newton Ace the topic of conversation is ‘Sacred Spaces’.
What are the places that are special to us and why? What makes a place special? Where do we go to find inner peace? What places hold special memories?

Open East Radio is an informal group of radio enthusiasts and conversationalists who co-produce, present and broadcast a live monthly internet radio show. The location, structure, topics and themes change month-to-month and guests are invited to contribute to the show.

People of all ages and level of experience are welcome to join in.

You can listen to the shows at:  https://www.spreaker.com/user/parallel-radio

Free and refreshments provided.