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January 2021 Update

The latest government COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ rules and guidelines advise that we should all stay at home to ‘avoid interaction with others’, as much as possible. This means that we have taken the decision to keep the Dalston Curve Garden closed to the public until further notice. We are so sad that we have had to take this decision, not least since we worked so hard to reopen after last Spring’s lockdown and then to keep the Garden open, throughout the changing guidelines and the November lockdown, so that Hackney residents could continue to benefit from being able to walk or sit among nature.

As a social enterprise, Dalston Curve Garden generates all of its income from the proceeds of our Café. This new lockdown period means that once again the Garden will be in receipt of no income. We will continue to nurture the plants and wildlife here over the coming weeks so that the Garden will still thrive for all to enjoy when we are able to reopen, to employ our team of staff and free-lancers (in the Garden or on projects that can be done at home), and to plan ahead for when things are better for us all and we can welcome everyone back here. We were so grateful for all the support everyone gave us last year that meant we could rebuild our entrance, reopen the Garden in August and set up our special community support mornings. If you would like to help the Garden to survive over the coming months, without any income, please consider donating to our Crowdfunder at: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/save-dalston-curve-garden