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How time moves at different speeds…

FullSizeRender (1)If you are in the Garden on a Monday or Tuesday in August, you might come across Hackney artist Charlotte Williams-Foster who is making the Curve Garden her ‘studio’ for the month of August.

I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to work in this place that is at once so vibrant and so peaceful. My practice is based in drawing, although sometimes this means using string or film to sketch out an idea. I am interested in how past time might be active in the present, as well as how time moves at different speeds – the fast time of the traffic on Dalston Lane against the slow time of a plant’s sprouting growth. I will be making drawings in the garden, exploring connections between this place and the history of the site. My work in the garden is part of a project that will culminate in an exhibition at A Side B Side Gallery in February 2018.”