Every Saturday, 2-5pm


Our new season of weekly Saturday afternoon volunteer sessions at the Garden has started again. If you’d like to help look after the plants at the Curve Garden, try growing herbs and vegetables, learn new skills or get healthy working outdoors, come on a Saturday and join in.

If you can complete our online volunteer form in advance, that helps us know to expect you.

Then just come along wearing comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

As always, everyone is welcome – the more the merrier!

1000 Petty Indignities

April 19, 2016

Sunday 8 & Monday 9 June


How is poverty experienced? What are the daily hardships faced by those who have experienced homelessness or migration?’

Julia Mason is a Hackney based artist with a nursing and public health background, whose work is influenced by her experience of working with children and families living in poor communities.

You are invited to the Garden on Sunday 8 & Monday 9 May to contribute to Julia’s new work – 1000 Petty Indignities – by cutting open one of the stitched cuts in her fabric installation, or perhaps sewing one shut.

You can also take part in a film of the event to provide a record of shared conversations and stories, as the cloth is sewn and shaped by many different hands.

‘Big Dig 2016’ – get involved in volunteer gardening

Saturday 16 April, 2-5pm We are taking part in Capital Growth’s ‘Big Dig Day’, which encourages people to volunteer in community gardens all over London. Existing garden volunteers will be on hand to talk to new recruits and you can also join a guided tour of the Garden to learn how it was first created, learn about […]

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Quilt Garden – Bringing it all together

Sunday 10 April 2016, 2-5pm Our community quilt project with artist Katherine May is coming to an end, so this Sunday’s session will focus on sewing all of the patchwork pieces together. Even if you haven’t taken part already, it’s not too late to join in  and everyone is welcome. We are planning to display […]

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Easter 2016 at the Garden

The Garden is open every day over the Easter weekend from 11am-7pm and it’s all about yellow – pompoms and daffodils! The cafe is serving freshly baked hot-cross buns, as well as cakes, teas and coffee and wine and beers. Then on Tuesday 29 March we begin two weeks of ‘Spring into Action’, our free holiday […]

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Easter 2016 holiday activities for children: Botanical Easter Eggs

Tuesday 29 March 2016, 2, 3 & 4pm As a child artist Savannah Theis learned how to decorate eggs with natural dyes during Easter holidays with her Grandmother. Now she will help children celebrate Spring, transforming eggs with vegetable dyes and botanical materials gathered around the Curve Garden. Our holiday workshops are most suitable for […]

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Easter 2016 holiday activities for children: Painted Quilt Garden

Wednesday 30 March 2016, 2, 3 & 4pm Children can paint, collage and draw from the colourful patchwork pieces made for the ‘Quilt Garden’ community patchwork project, inspired by the variety of botanical patterns, geometric shapes, textures and colours. Adults and children have been busily working on ‘Quilt Garden’ with textile artist Katherine May over […]

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Easter 2016 holiday activities for children: Jam Jar Gardens

Thursday 31 March 2016, 2, 3 & 4pm Terrariums are miniature gardens, usually grown in glass containers, that provide an easy, low-maintenance way to keep plants indoors. Children can join Dalston Eastern Curve Gardener Emma Rey to make their own beautiful little ‘ecosystems’ to take home and enjoy. Our holiday workshops are most suitable for […]

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Easter 2016 holiday activities for children: Chocolate Grows on Trees

Friday 1 April 2016, 2, 3 & 4pm Children can learn about where chocolate grows and its history, from the Mayans to Sir Hans Sloane. Then they can join chef Lena Ghaninejad to test their taste buds and create their own delicious truffles to take home. Our holiday workshops are most suitable for children aged […]

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Easter 2016 holiday activities for children: Festival Flags

Tuesday 5 & Wednesday 6 April 2016, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm The ‘Dalston Children’s Festival’ will be taking place on Saturdays 28 May and 4 June 2016 and children can  get involved with this special art project to help mark the occasion! Taking their inspiration from the banners and flags of the Hackney Peace Carnival Mural […]

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Easter 2016 holiday activities for children: Sunflower Artists

Thursday 7 April 2016, 2, 3 & 4pm It’s all about the colour yellow and sunflowers in another ‘Art history’ inspired workshop led by Sandra Keating. Children will learn about ‘Sunflower’ artists Van Gogh and Ai Weiwei and create their own paintings and collage, before sowing sunflower seeds, to help fill the Garden with yellow this […]

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Easter 2016 holiday activities for children: Spring Pizzas

Friday 8 April 2016, 2-5pm Spring is here at last, so that means the wood-fired oven will be lit and chef David from Latto’s Pizzas is back helping children make and bake their own tasty creations. These sessions are very popular and we offer them on a rolling basis, so please come early to avoid […]

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