February 2016 at the Garden

February 9, 2016

RosemaryflowerJan16JG In Slovenia, Saint Valentine or Zdravko was one of the saints of spring and one proverb says that “Saint Valentine brings the keys of roots”. Plants and flowers start to grow on this day.

So love is in the air this month at the Garden.

It will be celebrated with a special creative “Festival of Light’ workshop on Sunday 14th, with artist Emily Tracy.

Love of birds and wild-life will be our focus during half-term, with free activities for children.

Beloved old clothes and fabric will be given a new lease of life in another ‘Quilt Garden’ session on the last Sunday of the month

And if you love the Garden and would like to find out more about its history and the plants that grow here, we will have another free guided ‘stroll around the garden’ on Sunday 28 February.

The Garden is open every day 11am – 7pm, free to all.  We are serving fresh home-made soups daily, using seasonal organic vegetables from Growing Communities.

Hope to see you here in February!

Photograph: Rosemary Flower, Jahel Guerra



Sunday 14 February, 4-7pm

Valentine’s Day marks the stirrings of spring and the awakening of roots, buds and new growth.

Join artist Emily Tracy in the cosy Pineapple House at the Garden for a special ‘Festival of Light’ crafting and photo session to mark the occasion.

Using an old fashioned overhead projector, create a shadow portrait of you, your loved ones, your friends or family. With objects and collage, depict yourself amongst the romance of the garden, or surrounded by love birds or perhaps something darker from the depth of your heart? Then capture the moment on your phone and share online.

This session is suitable for all ages and is free, but we welcome donations to help cover our costs.


‘Quilt Garden’ workshops

February 1, 2016

Sunday 28 February 2016, 2-5pm

Katherine May-2

Our cosy winter project to make a quilt for the Garden, led by Hackney based textile artist Katherine May, is continuing, with another session in February.

We’ll be in the Pineapple House, with the wood-burning stove keeping us warm, working together to make a communal piece. You can come to one session or to all – at this stage we are planning one a month. Please bring 1-2 items of clothing or textiles that you no longer wear or want. It should be an item that you are happy to contribute to the group. Think about the story of the garment: Where did it come from and why do you no longer wear it? You can also bring any hand sewing materials you already have at home to complement your materials, and any scissors, needles, thread, scrap fabric etc that you like to work with. A selection of hand-sewing/cutting/unpicking tools will also be provided.

You don’t need to book and you don’t need to be experienced in sewing!

Here’s how Katherine describes her inspiration and work;

“This project is an ode to the women’s of ‘Gee’s Bend’, a community of quilt makers residing at the bend of the Alabama River. Their practice of quilt making for their families by using up all available fabric scraps and old clothing, has guided my own practice in contemplating the life of materials through collecting, unpicking, growing and sharing. Their quilts were used within the home to keep warm – hanging over windows or spread on their beds. When they were not in use, the quilts were hung outside to refresh in the air.”

Quilt Garden

verb. to lay out, to cultivate, to tend a garden.

To garden, to quilt;
to lay out, to arrange a variety of pieces of parts.

To prepare, to devote oneself to sew up between pieces of cloth
to the growth of the pieces,
to the cultivation of a group of stitchers.

To tend, to care for
broken or unused pieces of clothing or cloth.

To attend to our work composed of patches,
attentive to working together

Katherine May

The sessions are free and are most suitable for adults, although you are welcome to bring older children along.


January 2016 at the Garden

Happy new year for 2016! The Garden and cafe are open again everyday in January 11am – 7pm, so why not drop in to see what’s growing? It’s all looking surprisingly very green for January. All of the hard work in the Autumn by volunteers bulb-planting is starting to show, with fresh growth popping up […]

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RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at the Curve Garden

Sunday 31 January 2016, 2-3pm This weekend sees the annual RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Big Garden Birdwatch taking place all over the country. We’ll be taking part on Sunday, identifying and counting the birds that arrive in the Garden. So if you haven’t got your own garden to count the […]

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Feed the Birds: free children’s art workshop

Sunday 31 January 2016, 2-5pm Children can help feed the birds in Dalston in these late winter months, by making one of our recycled juice carton bird-feeders, before they fill them with bird-food and help hang them up around the Garden. Sessions are run by the Garden’s volunteers and are drop-in and free. Young children […]

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January Stroll around the Garden

Sunday 31 January 2016, 3pm If you’d like to learn more about the trees at the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, have a close up look at our first Snowdrops, and hear about our early plans for gardening here in 2016, join us for the first of our new free guided ‘strolls around the Garden’, celebrating […]

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Festive Greetings from Dalston Eastern Curve Garden!

A big thank you to all volunteers, supporters and visitors who have helped make the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden bloom this year. Wishing you a very happy festive season and may your 2016 blossom! The Garden is closed until 11am, Thursday 7 January, 2016. Looking forward to seeing you back here in the new year!

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Festival of Light 2015: illuminating the darkness of Winter

The Festival of Light celebrates the importance of light in the darkest months, by illuminating the Garden throughout Winter with magical light installations. Adults can help transform the little Greenhouse into a ‘Shadow Lantern’ and create other hand-made lights by taking part in a series of free paper-cutting workshops. Children and young people can take inspiration […]

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Festival of Light 2015 : Late opening Light Nights!

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Festival of Light 2015: Music and Light with Andy Diagram and Rucksack Cinema

Saturday 12 December 2015, 7pm As if hundreds of lanterns all lit up in the Garden wasn’t magical enough, Jaime Rory Lucy returns to the Garden with his Rucksack Cinema, to create a spectacle of light and imagery projected all around the pavilion and surrounding buildings, accompanied by music from Andy Diagram and friends. This is a free […]

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‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ festive screening

Sunday 13 December 2015, 6pm ‘Every time a bell rings another angel gets his wings’! We can guarantee that there won’t be a dry eye in the house when ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, the Christmas movie to beat all others comes to the Garden, courtesy of Jaime Rory Lucy and his ‘Rucksack Cinema’. Snuggle down […]

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