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Type Tasting – free childrens typography workshops

Thursday 22 August 2013, 1-4pm


Children are invited to draw letterforms inspired by the meaning of words in a series of free one-hour sessions led by ‘Type Tasting‘ founder Sarah Hyndman.

Children will learn about lettering and typography, and enjoy using materials and colours to express meanings and ideas.

Sarah would like the children to leave their words with her so that she can photograph a selection to be exhibited at the V&A as part of the ‘Type Tasting’ display with the London Design Festival. The words will also be shown on the ‘Type Tasting website’ and Facebook page.

No prior booking is necessary but come early for each one hour drop-in session (starting 1pm, 2pm and 3pm) to avoid disappointment! Each session can accommodate up to 10-15 children and lasts for one hour.

These workshops are aimed at children aged 5-12. Younger children are welcome to join in but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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