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Take part in our 2016 Pumpkin Lantern Show!

Saturday 22 October, 12 – 5pm & Sunday 23 October, 12 – 4pm


It’s time for Dalston’s annual ‘Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Show’! All shapes and sizes of pumpkins will be waiting to be transformed by children and young people over a marathon weekend of carving. The weekend ends with all the lanterns lit up together in the Garden on Sunday evening. It’s a magical experience!

Free pumpkin carving sessions take place:
Saturday 22 October, 12 – 5pm:
Sunday 23 October, 12 – 4pm:

And the pumpkins are lit up for the Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Show:
Sunday 23 October, 6pm – late

Here are some key things you need to know about the Pumpkin Lantern Weekend:

We ask that all lanterns are left at the Garden for the Lantern Show. You are welcome to collect them during the following week over the half-term holiday or why not leave them on display in the Garden for Halloween and show them off to your friends and family?

We provide the pumpkins – you don’t need to bring your own. Carving sessions and the lantern show are free, but we depend on donations to cover the costs of pumpkins, so please do come prepared!

All of the pumpkin carving sessions are run by our team of volunteers, who give their time very generously. We can never have too much help for these sessions, so if you can spare a couple of hours to get involved, please email info@dalstongarden.org
Children under the age of eleven need to be accompanied by an adult.

Our supply of pumpkins is not unlimited and we don’t want any children to be disappointed, so please don’t come late in case we run out!

The last carving session on Sunday starts at 3.30pm, to allow preparations to begin for the Lantern Show.

The lighting up of all the lanterns begins once the last pumpkin has been carved on Sunday afternoon.

To keep out the cold there will be hot drinks and other Autumn treats from the Garden Café, and ‘Latto’s Pizzas’ fresh from the clay oven. The wood-burning stove will be lit in the Pineapple House and there are plenty of cosy blankets and hot water bottles.

The ‘Pumpkin Lantern Show’ launches the Garden’s annual ‘Festival of Light’ which runs throughout November and December.

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