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Curve Education

Inspired by Nature

Every year in summer term Holy Trinity Primary School’s Year 1 pupils are immersed in the environment of Dalston Curve Garden, through exploration, gardening and art activities in our ‘Inspired by Nature’ programme.  The School is a few minutes walk from the Garden.

Discovering the plants, mini beasts and environment of the Garden is an opportunity for the children to develop a love and respect for nature. We aim to nurture the next generation of custodians of the environment. Planting their first seeds to then see them grow and become part of the landscape of the Curve Garden offers the children a chance to nurture a precious green space right here in their own busy, built up neighbourhood. 

‘Inspired by Nature’ is delivered by the Garden’s team, supported by artist educator Laura Halliwell. The entire programme is funded by Grow Cook Eat, the social enterprise that manages the Dalston Curve Garden.

If you are a primary school teacher in Dalston and would like to discuss opportunities for learning at Dalston Curve Garden, please email us at education@dalstongarden.org