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Sunday 8 October, 2-6pm

Following a launch at the 2016 London Design Festival – and happenings at the V&A, Tate Modern and #LDF17 – experimental utopia and nation state-of-mind ‘Brixtopia’ lands in Dalston during October, mixing art, protest and the Brixton Pound in a north of the river first.

Dalston’s Acqua7 gallery will host an exhibition — Brixtopia — featuring new works by artists ‘This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll’, #BodyPolitic and loulouroll and Brixtopia will also take over the Curve Garden on Sunday 8 October, for a day of empathy and activism.

Brixton community and environmental organisations will host talks and activities, and there will be music and performance, together with the fourth reading of the Brixtopian Manifesto.

A protest clothing customisation workshop will be run by #BodyPolitic.
Brixtopia @ Curve Garden line-up

— The fourth reading of the Brixtopian Manifesto
— Dress to Protest clothing customisation with BodyPolitic
— Poetry from the Chocolate Poetry Club (Brixton)
— Be loulouroll’s boyfriend
— Meet (and spend) the Brixton Pound
— Live music
— BRIXTON ♥︎ DALSTON DJ Soundclash

In a local currency first, visitors will be able to exchange their stale Sterling for Ziggys, as the Brixton Pound will be accepted at both the Curve Garden Bar on the 8th, and at Acqua7 for the duration of the exhibition.

Charlie Waterhouse from This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll said:

“Dalston is the perfect place to take Brixtopia, and the Brixton Pound. Like our corner of South London it’s welcoming and creative; unpretentious and diverse… The kind of place where nowt’s perfect enough to let you rest on your laurels.

Like Brixton, Dalston is the kind of place that knows it’s improved when it welcomes people from all backgrounds. Black or white, rich or poor; people from all facets of the gender spectrum. Arty, hard-working, marginalised; clever, misunderstood or attitudinal. The mad, bad, and sometimes quite dangerous to know – Dalston and Brixton has them all – they are tolerated, celebrated and cherished, and our communities are better for them.

We think it’s time for areas like ours to start acting a bit more like those big corporates, international brands and 1%ers. Time to start circumventing the definitions of borders.

That’s why we are taking the Brixton Pound’s message of community and resistance, and Brixtopia’s empathy and activism to Dalston. We’re opening an embassy, we’re twinning the towns; we are both Brixtopian communities.”

Exhibition details:
BRIXTOPIA: Acqua7, 7 Balls Pond Rd, N1 4AX
Friday 6 – Sunday 29 October 2017
Brixtopia @ Curve Garden: Sunday 8th October